At present Deposits are mobilised under two different schemes.
» Period Interest Payment Scheme (PIPS)
Under PIPS, Interest is paid either
(a) monthly or (b) quarterly or (c) annually, and the minimum amount of deposit accepted is Rs.50,000/-.

» Money Multiplier Scheme (MMS)

Under MMS, the interest is compounded quarterly at the appropriate rate of interest and paid on maturity together with the principal. The min.amount of deposit acceptable is Rs.50000.

Why to Invest TDFC?
  • Wholly owned by Government of Tamilnadu
  • Registered with RBI as a Non Banking Finance Company vide Regn. No.07.00403
  • Operations fully computerized.
  • Making profit since inception (1975).
  • Loan facility is available against deposits.
  • Nomination facilities are available subject to the provisions of the RBI (Amendmant) Act 1997.
  • Trust can invest with TDFC under Sec.11(5)(VII) of the I.T.Act.